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Recent Posts

  • Getting back into training

    Get your arse into gear 5 ways to beat the workout funk – and get back on the programme.   Like anyone who trains or does regular sport...

  • 100% Sustainable: The Recover Environmental Impact Study

    Want to know just how sustainable Afterglow’s recycled cotton yarn really is? Read on.   An academic study has shown that Afterglow’s c...

  • DHL Go Green

    A big fat zero by 2050   The ambitious emissions pledge of DHL, Afterglow’s courier of choice.   DHL, Afterglow’s preferred mail and logi...

  • The Microfibre Challenge

    The Microfibre Challenge Why every time you wash your clothes, you are contributing to ocean plastic pollution. And what you can do ...

  • The Damage of The Clothing Industry.

    Putting the Brakes on ‘Fast Fashion’   The eco-damage of the clothing industry is likely even worse than you think – but it’s not all ...

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