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The Afterglow Vision


Afterglow is an environmentally responsible sportswear brand that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and seeks to preserve the environment by creating eco-friendly clothing and accessories. Our vision is to become a leading creator of sustainable performance and athleisure wear, to make a positive impact on building a better world – and to have a great time while doing it.

Afterglow - Mission


Our Mission 


Afterglow’s primary mission is to become a globally recognized, innovative sports brand with a deep commitment to sustainable production methods, and a strong social conscience that inspires people to live fitter, healthier lives, while protecting the environment.

Through relentless research and development, as well as the adoption of new technologies, Afterglow aims to lead the way in creating ethically-sourced, eco-friendly, yet fashionable and technically advanced performance athleisure wear and accessories, for a wide range of sports and physical pastimes.

Afterglow strives to be at the forefront of the circular economy by utilising alternative clothing materials, sourcing manufacturing processes and packaging delivery methods that are as sustainable as possible from end to end, while at the same time never compromising on the quality or functionality of our products.

Afterglow aims to become a leader in the sports and fitness world by striking the best balance between profitability and sustainability in everything we do, and to educate and influence customers worldwide to demand more sustainable and ethical practices from all producers, manufacturers and retailers.

As a company, Afterglow espouses the values of honesty, transparency and accountability. We also aim to become a fun and fulfilling place to work – and an ethical employer of choice. Above all, we value our responsibility as a champion of human wellbeing and as an outspoken defender of planet earth. 

We at Afterglow think that the world cannot depend on single-use packaging. That is why we want to offer you a reusable 'Repack' delivery bag. READ MORE about 'RePack' and then choose which kind of packaging you want