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'Smart' All-In-One Label System

Taking our end-to-end eco-friendly approach even further, we developed our own garment label, reducing waste and combining the logo label, washcare label, and size label all into one single label.  Not only that, but the label itself is also made from 100% recycled polyester - Yay, less trash!

 Innovative QR code Sharelabel system

You figured out how to scan the label QR code, to find out more about your jacket, nice job!

We don't know why other people still put so much information inside a garment in the 21st Century - You can now have peace of mind that you didn't have to waste time cutting out and throwing away a whole ream of scratchy labels in your jacket.


 Multi-Language Washcare Support

You can now have the washcare information in multiple languages below if you need it:
EN:  Do Not Bleach, Machine Wash 30°C, Medium Heat Iron, Do Not Dry Clean, Hang Wet Item On A Hangar
DE: Nicht bleichen, Maschinenwäsche 30°C, Mittleres Eisen, Keine chemische Reinigung, Nass auf Bügel hängen
ES: No usar lejía, Lavado a máquina 30ºC, Hierro medio, No utilizar productos químicos, Colgar todavía húmedo
FR: Ne pas javelliser, Lavage en machine à 30°C, Fer moyen, Aucun nettoyage chimique, Accrocher à l'état humide sur un cintre
IT: Non schiarire, Lavaggio in lavatrice a 30°C, Ferro medio, Nessun lavaggio chimico, Appendere alla gruccia ancora umido
JA: 漂白剤の使用不可です, 30°Cで洗濯機で洗濯, ミディアムアイアン,ドライクリーニング不可, 濡れたままつり干ししてください
NL: Niet bleken, machinewas 30°C, Medium ijzer, niet chemisch reinigen, nat aan een hanger hangen
NO: Skal ikke blekes, maskinvaskes 30°C, Middels jern, skal ikke tørrenses, må henges opp vått
PL: Nie wybielać, Prać w pralce w temperaturze 30°C, Średnie żelazo, Nie prać chemicznie, Rozwiesić wilgotne ubranie na wieszaku
PT: Não utilizar lixivia, lavagem na máquina a 30°C, Ferro Médio, Não utilizar produtos químicos para a limpeza, Pendurar húmido em cabide
RU: Не отбеливать, Машинная стирка при 30°C, Среднее железо, Химическая чистка запрещена, Мокрое изделие повесить на плечики
SE: Blek ej, Maskintvätt 30, Medium strykjärn, Kemtvättas ej, Häng fuktigt på en galge

Raw Materials - Adaptek™ Fabric composition

The entire Afterglow Active Jacket is made from our 100% recycled Adaptek™ fabric, which consists of:
DE: 52% baumwolle (recycelt), 48% Polyester (recycelt), 320GR/M2
EN: 52% recycled cotton, 48% recycled polyester, 320GR/M2
ES: 52% algodón (reciclado), 48% Poliéster (reciclado), 320GR/M2
FR: 52% coton (recyclé), 48% Polyester (recyclé), 320GR/M2
IT: 52% cotone (riciclato), 48% Poliestere (riciclato), 320GR/M2
JA: 52% コットン (リサイクル品), 48% ポリエステル (リサイクル品),  320GR/M2
NL: 52% katoen (gerecycled), 48% Polyester (gerecycled), 320GR/M2
NO: 52% bomull (resirkulert), 48% Polyester (resirkulert), 320GR/M2
PL: 52% bawełna (z recyklingu), 48% Poliester (z recyklingu), 320GR/M2
PT: 52% algodão (reciclado) 48% Poliéster (reciclado), 320GR/M2
RU: 52% Хлопок (переработанный), 48% Полиэстер (переработанный),  320GR/M2
SE: 52% återvunnen bomull, 48% återvunnen polyester, 320GR/M2

 If you want to read more about how the 100% recycled fleece fabric was made, and where it came from, then checkout our main website over here.

Lost & Found - Return Home

The label also has space to write your info into the jacket.  So anyone finding it can return your Afterglow jacket back to you should you leave it somewhere, or write you a thank you note if they decide to keep it!



Sustainable Garment Care

To help protect the planet and prolong the life of your garment, we recommend to:

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As the company Founder I want to say a personal thank you, for being among the first to support our new start-up Afterglow.

We at Afterglow think that the world cannot depend on single-use packaging. That is why we want to offer you a reusable 'Repack' delivery bag. READ MORE about 'RePack' and then choose which kind of packaging you want