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DHL 'Go Green' Delivery





Afterglow is pleased to offer our customers DHL’s ‘Go Green’ carbon neutral delivery option as an innovative, eco-friendly fulfillment solution. Whenever you buy one of our products and select the DHL 'Go Green' delivery option, DHL will offset all of the emissions incurred in the delivery by purchasing the equivalent in carbon credits on your behalf.  This helps you to combat climate change by offsettting emissions from the transportation of your shipments.

How a GoGreen shipment works

>A "GoGreen" Carbon Neutral shipment is just like any other shipment with DHL, except that DHL make a corresponding contribution to a climate protection project through the purchase of carbon credits from verified and high quality projects, thus neutralising the shipment’s CO2 emissions.


So, if your shipment is responsible for emitting 49kg of CO2, DHL will offset at least the same amount by purchasing carbon credits from climate protection projects. The calculation and offset of those carbon emissions is annually verified by SGS, an independent auditor.

You Ship - We neutralise the emission

In finding carbon credits for the GOGREEN offset, DHL focuses on high quality projects – for a better climate and a better way of life. That’s why we’re committed to carbon offsetting.

GoGreen - The Lesotho project

In 2010, DHL initiated and financed it’s first climate protection project to generate carbon credits. They distributed “Save80” wood-burning stoves to 10,000 households in Lesotho. These stoves use up to 80% less firewood and help reduce carbon emissions. Other benefits include job creation as the stoves are assembled locally and improved health due to less indoor pollution.  Once all the stoves have been distributed, the Lesotho project is expected to generate carbon credits for 20,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Going Further - Carbon zero by 2050

For DHL, that is just the start. As one of the world’s leading mail and logistics companies, the company is also committed to the highly ambitious goal of reducing all of its logistics-related greenhouse emissions to zero by 2050.
DHL first announced their goal to improve the company’s carbon efficiency by 30% (over their 2007 baseline) by 2020. Thanks to their strategic approach and numerous measures developed and implemented as part of the group-wide GoGreen programme, they were able to achieve this target in 2016 – several years ahead of schedule.

But their work really has just begun, and the company aims to reduce this percentage completely in the next 20 years. Their optimization measures are guided by two principles: ‘Burn Less’, which is about reducing energy consumption without changing the energy source, and 'Burn Clean', which involves the use of green energy sources and fuels, such as electric vehicles for pickup and delivery.

 In striving for zero emissions and an end-to-end sustainable business model, DHL’s ethos and objectives align completely with those of Afterglow. And so, as our customer, when you purchase our products and hit the delivery button, you can be rest assured this commitment does not stop at our fulfillment stage – but holds true all the way to your front door.


DHL improved its carbon efficiency for deliveries by 30% between 2007 and 2016.
To find out more about DHL’s Go Green programme, click here.


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