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The Cora Ball - The world’s first micofibre-collecting laundry ball

Afterglow is proud to introduce the Coraball, the world’s first laundry ball that collects the invisible, environmentally-damaging microfibres your clothing sheds in every laundry load.

Why, what are microfibres?

Every time you wash your clothes, their fabrics release thousands of tiny, hair-like strands called microfibres, which are comprised mostly of plastics materials, such as polyester, nylon, acrylic and polyamide, as well as chemical covered non-plastics – containing pollutant dyes and heavy metals.

Most modern washing machines do not prevent these toxic fibres from being washed down the drain, which are so small they also slip through most public waste water filtration systems. Ultimately these fibres end up in the ocean, where they wreak havoc on the environment and sea life – and can even enter the food chain.

Microfibres shed from clothing are one of the most significant contributors to plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, comprising more than one third of all the plastic waste that ends up in the sea.

How does the Coraball work?

The Cora Ball is a revolutionary new kind of laundry ball, its function and design inspired by the way coral catches small organisms in its fronds, and filters them from the ocean.

The Cora Ball collects our microfibres in its protrusions in the same way, and gathers them into a visible fuzz, so we can dispose of them safely.

Just toss the Cora Ball into your washer. It's a simple eco-friendly step that has a huge impact wash after wash.

Most washing machines do not have filters. The ones that do, are only good enough to keep keys and coins from clogging your pipes. A standard filter cannot do what really needs to be done: catch the damaging fibres too small for the human eye to see.

The Cora Ball swooshes around in the washing machine and just like coral, allows water to flow unimpeded, while picking up those little pieces of microfibre and catching them in its stalks.

Why the Cora Ball is important to Afterglow

Afterglow has also spent months researching suppliers around the world to ensure that all of our materials, trims and packaging for our gym clothes for men and women are as eco-friendly as we can possibly make them.

As part of Afterglow’s circular approach, we want to tackle the microfibre challenge head on, which is why the Cora Ball, manufactured from recycled plastic by a United States-based non-profit company, is the perfect addition to our product line.

For example, if just 10% of households in the US alone were to use a Cora Ball in their washing machines, we could keep the plastic equivalent of over 30 million water bottles from washing into the planet’s public waterways every year.

That is enough water bottles to reach from New York City to London!

The Cora Ball itself is also made out of recycled plastic – both post-consumer and from manufacturing (which would have gone to landfill) – and it is also recyclable, so it is a triple win.

Help us to solve the microfibre challenge. Join the movement and get a Cora Ball now.

The Coraball. Inspired by Nature. Protecting the Environment.

Product Specs

Weight: 0.174Kg

Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm x 9.5cm

*Eco Impact



The Cora Ball can prevent more than a quarter of the fibres from each of your laundry loads going down the drain.


If just 10% of UK households used a Cora Ball for every wash, we could keep the plastic equivalent of over six million water bottles from reaching our public waterways every year. That is enough water bottles to reach from London to Helsinki.

Read more about the Cora Ball and the Microfibre Challenge here.

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