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Natulon Eco-Friendly Zips by YKK



Every Afterglow zipper and zipper mechanism comprises up to 86% recycled polyester. Our ‘Natulon’ zips are supplied by reputed global zipper company YKK, and undergo a double layered development system, using both chemical and material recycling.



Afterglow zippers are made mainly from discarded PET bottles, as well as old fibres and other polyester remnants and yarn waste. These pass through a process of granulation and advanced chemical recycling, and emerge as a sustainable polyester polymer, which is then used to create the recycled yarn for our zipper components.

 But it doesn’t end there. Our Blue Sign approved zipper components are also made in such a way that at the end of a garment’s life span, they can be easily broken down and recycled over and over, offering an end-to-end sustainability solution and a superb, eco-friendly sportswear zip. 


YKK’s Eco-friendly Natulon Zips are made using a process called ‘chemical recycling’.




An ISO 14000 certified company, YKK is committed to eliminating hazardous chemicals from its manufacturing processes, including PFCs, phthalates, solvents and heavy metals, among others.  The company also uses eco-friendly dyes that almost eliminate water usage and employs energy efficient manufacturing methods that save more than 3,600 kWh of electricity per 1000 kilograms of production.

In its broader sustainable zipper ranges, YKK uses plant-based zippers and organic cotton, some of which Afterglow will be implementing in future garments

More about YKK’s eco-friendly zips - read here



Eco-Friendly Knit Tape, Elastic & Cords



The cream colour cord drawstring in our hoodies/joggers is made from organic cotton, with a special type of ‘eco-tip’, also made from recycled plastic, and attached to the cord with an eco-friendly, non-harmful type of glue.


What’s more, the knit tape used in Afterglow’s hoodies and t-shirts, as well as the elastic used in our hoodies and gym shorts, are all created from yarn made from recycled PET plastic bottles (RPET).  All of these materials are supplied by an ISO 14000 certified global manufacturing company committed to environmental preservation.

Not only do all of these clothing trims considerably reduce the amount of plastic bottles that might end up in landfills or otherwise pollute the environment, their manufacturing process also reduces their environmental burden by emitting 20% less carbon dioxide. 

We at Afterglow think that the world cannot depend on single-use packaging. That is why we want to offer you a reusable 'Repack' delivery bag. READ MORE about 'RePack' and then choose which kind of packaging you want