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Welcome to Adaptek™

We developed a new 100% recycled technical performance fabric

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Based on our experience with our first hoodie product (The Synapse), we took our ‘Recover’ fabric, the most eco-friendly ‘Recover’ fabric in the world (according to the Higg Materials Sustainability Index impact rating), and developed a new improved version - We’re calling it AdapTek™.
AdapTek™ is made from an outer layer of 50% recycled cotton, and 50% recycled polyester, made exclusively from factory textile waste, upcycled into an incredibly durable yarn. Then the inner layer is made of a softer organic cotton, and recycled cotton mix, with elastane for added stretch.

Body Temperature Control

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The Adaptek™ fabric has an additional active textile technology, which intelligently regulates temperature, triggered by your own body heat. Cooling is activated by rising body temperature, and deactivated once complete, with up to 2.5°C/4.5°F cooler fabric temperature.  So the fabric adapts to any activity, keeping you cool and comfortable during your workout, or early morning run.

Antiviral & Antibacterial Defence < Including COVID-19!

Adaptek® has been infused with a powerful active agent, which can destroy common bacteria and viruses landing on the fabric of the AFTERGLOW hoodie.  Minimising the potential for re-transmission of any pathogen, from the clothing to the person wearing it.
Tested and certified as effective on COVID-19 with a 99.99% reduction in virus particles on the fabric, this provides unprecendent protection while wearing the hoodie, indoor or outdoor. While it also has the additional benefit of reducing odour from the bacteria in sweat.  Meaning you keep fresh and you can wash the garment less often, further saving water and energy.
 Notably, all of the agent's ingredients are bio-based and/or recycled, and certified as safe and sustainable.  It is also EU REACH, and US FIFRA compliant, and also OEKOTEX® certified, ZDHC and bluesign® homologized.  It also does not irritate the skin – and is hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

How does it work? 

The active agent consists of micro silver particles (non-nano), which are antibacterial and antiviral due to their high surface charge, which oxidize the virus. The agent also contains fatty spherical vesicle technology (Liposomes), which target the virus lipid envelope (membrane), depleting it’s cholesterol content, breaking the virus particle open so that the silver charge can destroy the virus even more RNA rapidly.

Laboratory Test Results

We are proud to share the tests that were conducted on the active agent our Adaptek fabric, showing the effectiveness on infectious agents including COVID-19.
(i) Antiviral Efficacy test: ISO 18184 - Quantitative test to assess the antiviral performance of textile products against viruses:
Method used - Virus is deposited onto the test fabric.  After a fixed time, the remaining infectious virus is counted, measuring the number of infectious viral particles present per unit volume (in a cell lysate).  Reduction rate is calculated by comparing the antiviral fabric test, with a control (untreated) fabric.
(ii) Residual Virus Infectivity test: ISO 20743 - Test showing the diminishing residual virus infectivity over time, on the treated Adaptek fabric.

Sustainability Metrics

By using our Adaptek® fabric in each Afterglow hoodie, you will help save the environment* by up to 14 PET bottles, 19.7 kWh of energy, 8 kg of CO2 and 5,278 litres of water.

We at Afterglow think that the world cannot depend on single-use packaging. That is why we want to offer you a reusable 'Repack' delivery bag. READ MORE about 'RePack' and then choose which kind of packaging you want