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Afterglow is the world’s first fully sustainable sports performance and athleisure wear brand.

From our innovative fabrics and sleek designs, to the very components that go into creating them, Afterglow prides itself on going above and beyond, to make our business as earth-friendly as we can – and to provide sports clothing that is as stylish and functional as humanly possible.
And we believe we’ve totally got this.


Whether it’s the thread, fabric elastic, knit tape, zippers, cords or packaging, we’ve committed ourselves to creating gym and sports clothes that not only look good while you work out or exercise, but also do great things for our beautiful blue planet.


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Afterglow - Sustainability

The Origins of Afterglow


Afterglow is the brainchild of UK entrepreneur, Jay Barratt, an avid gym goer, runner and sportsman, who happened upon the concept when trying to make more earth-conscious choices while buying new gear.

Realising there was very little in the way of eco-friendly gym clothing for men and women, as well as accessories, Jay became inspired. He set out to create a new brand of sustainable workout, athleisure clothing and accessories wholly aligned with the concept of the circular economy.

Jay called his new brand Afterglow. The brand name is inspired by the euphoric buzz created by the release of endorphins after a great workout in the gym or time spent exercising outdoors – as well as the good feeling that comes from reducing your environmental footprint.

It wasn’t easy. It took relentless drive and an unwavering belief in his vision. Jay searched the world to figure out how to create and commit to a uniquely sustainable, end-to-end value chain.
And he’s done it.

Afterglow. The name says it all.

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Creating a sustainable end-to-end value chain


 Like you, striving for the ultimate state of health and fitness is the goal that powers us through every workout or training session… but making a meaningful difference in the world is what really fires us up.

Afterglow is serious about environmental issues, and it’s this commitment that has driven us to create our first range of sustainable clothing – with much more to follow.

From our innovative, eco-friendly fabrics, to the zips, trims cords and tips, logo transfers and swing tags used to create Afterglow clothing, each piece in the range is entirely made from recycled, repurposed or sustainable materials.

Even our packaging and delivery fulfillment are as earth-friendly as they can possibly be.

Our company is also committed to further reducing our eco-footprint and impact on emissions, which is why we have settled on a fabric producer close to home in Portugal, and have decided to produce our garments in a factory right here in the United Kingdom.

Our garments are also completely metal free, as we realised that the supply chain for trims, such as metal eyelets for drawstring cords, cannot be effectively audited for sustainability nor effectively recycled.

If like us, you want to make conscious, environmentally responsible decisions about the products you invest in, join our movement and let’s do good together.



A word from our founder, Jay Barratt:


 "Last year, I got frustrated not being able to find truly eco-friendly gear for the gym, particularly for guys. I also became fed up with the apathy of big companies and world leaders promising carbon neutrality and cleaning up their supply chains, but only 10 to 20 years from now. With recent events at the Madrid climate summit, and fires in Australia, the time for change is here.

So I set out to prove that it could be done by a regular person like me, right now. I wanted to demonstrate that you can make top quality sports garments that are technically functional, but also look good and feel great.

I also wanted to prove it could be designed and made in the UK, and not shipped halfway round the world, spewing out carbon emissions.

It took me a long time to find all the right components to create the first Afterglow range, but my belief has always been that if you look hard enough, and you are determined, you can make anything happen.

While it did cost more to achieve my goals, you always get what you pay for – for me the price in finding a way to produce more sustainable clothing for working out and enjoying sports has been more than worth it.

I sincerely hope you believe in my vision too, and that the Afterglow brand can grow and develop more products with the same ethos.

Mainly, I just want people to feel good about the clothes we make, as well as enjoy their workout sessions, secure in the knowledge they are also making a lasting contribution to the wellbeing of this wonderful planet we all call home.”

– Jay Barratt, March 2020.


We at Afterglow think that the world cannot depend on single-use packaging. That is why we want to offer you a reusable 'Repack' delivery bag. READ MORE about 'RePack' and then choose which kind of packaging you want