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Getting back into training

Getting back into training

Get your arse into gear

5 ways to beat the workout funk – and get back on the programme.


Like anyone who trains or does regular sport, your motivation can fluctuate. Sometimes you’re super psyched; other times, not so much – especially when it's cold and grey out there. But if you want to stay committed, here's Afterglow's top five exercise motivation tips to get your lazy arse back into gear.


It happens to the best of us. You’ve been too busy at work, had the flu, been travelling or otherwise indisposed – too cold, too lazy, to broke or just plain depressed at the sorry state of your life. One day has turned into three, one week into four and you haven’t exercised, trained or otherwise broken a sweat in way too long. There is a real danger here; the longer you leave it the harder it will be to get back on the programme. But get back you must, this you know, deep down to your rapidly hardening arteries.


"Maybe you need someone to give you a metaphoric kick up the arse. Call a friend or join a fitness class – allow someone else to push and prod you back to your active self."


Here are a few tips to do just that.


Exercise Motivation Tip 1: Look at yourself in the mirror

Do you like what you see? Maybe you could lose a few pounds. Maybe you could work on those glutes/abs/pecs. Most of us could. That’s not really the point. Look yourself in the eye and ask whether you really want it. If the answer is yes, then do it. Maybe not right now, but ASAP. Plan a workout. Stick to it. Carpe diem. If the answer is no, well then maybe you are on the wrong website.


Exercise Motivation Tip 2: Remember the feeling

You probably won’t have felt that feeling in a while. That moment during a training session when the endorphins kick in, lifting you up to that higher plane; bringing on a natural high, the rush that only kick-ass exercise can create. It’s a feeling better than any drug, followed by the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve pushed yourself to your physical limits… and beyond. Surfers call it stoke, we call it the afterglow. Get it? Now go get it.


Exercise Motivation Tip 3: Partner up, or join a class

A problem shared is a problem halved. Your main issue is you’ve become too complacent, so maybe you need someone to give you a metaphoric kick up the arse. Call a friend or join a fitness class; allow someone else – a mate, an instructor, a personal trainer, whomever – to push and prod you back to your active self. And when that call to action comes, don’t ghost them, climb back under the duvet, or convince yourself to otherwise back out. Who knows, maybe you will be able do the same for some other poor lazy sod someday?


Exercise Motivation Tip 4: Do something new

Maybe your problem is not a lack of motivation, but boredom. Mixing it up is a great way to regain some enthusiasm and fire up a flagging training schedule. What about a dip in the Arctic Ocean with extreme swimmer Lewis Pugh? Okay, maybe not. But it could well be time to expand your workout options – join a running club in a different town, try out a HIIT or yoga class. Either way, a change of pace and scenery might be all you need to reignite your passion for fitness.


Exercise Motivation Tip 5: Buy some new gear

Research has shown that putting on brand new workout kit is like reinventing yourself. For example, a recent survey of gym regulars revealed that more than 75% believe that putting on good gym clothing motivated them to exercise, even when they didn’t feel like it. We all know that sensation: when you buy new gear, you just want to get out there, try it out and feel good. Nothing is more motivating than spending money on new gear. So invest and be inspired to get back to the gym. There’s absolutely no way you will ever regret it.


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